Wheelchair Accessible Mini Cabs In Borehamwood 

Borehamwood Taxis always deliver the best wheelchair accessibility service. We are proud of our team and service to deliver such kind of facilities for the comfy of the passenger. We have recruited a bunch of wheelchair accessible taxis with environment control nature, modern features. Borehamwood has the secure and protective wheelchair accessible taxis in Borehamwood. We have highly qualified taxis drivers that have the knowledge about the area and have the best skills of booking a right taxi. Borehamwood Taxis serve the 24/7 hospital transfers.

Borehamwood Taxis will ensure that the taxis are in time and escort you from the doorsteps and help you in your wheelchair loading and take care of all accessories like seat belt and other terms to ride you to the destination you want. Our drivers have MiDAS and PAT training and have the knowledge of first aid skills to ensure that the customer has the safety and comfort.